At The Jewvies……

October 31, 2020

Look at the difference of how we are portrayed on Jew TV. Pink skins having fun, romance and doing our magick they stole from us. Now look at us the two on the left……in nothing but constant fear and terror. This is what they want. They know the effect it has on our melanin. They have to keep the vibration low to be able to study it in any meaningful way. When it gets too high they can’t fuck with it because it’s beyond their limited perception and measley level of intelligence. They have us convinced that they are wayyyyy smarter than they actually are from schools and all the awards they give each other for dumb shit that don’t do nothing without us. They’re idiots really. Think of what they would have if we had not laid the foundation for everything…….NOTHING!!!!!!!!!


  1. I have not seen any of these movies except for the Borat movie. The only person that did not make a fool of herself was the babysitter (a black woman). But she only got paid $3,600. WTH? Her church set her up with the gig and they probably got more money for referring her to Borat.

    We should have a code to never ever talk to the jooish media. Because their goal is to make a fool out of you. No comment should be the rule when talking to them. I think Neely Fuller has that in his code. They be trying to force Marshawn Lynch to talk. Ha ha.

    When those reporters come at me when I used to work in a downtown area, “no comment”, was my motto. ase

  2. hahaha……100% marshawn know what these beasts are and he got enough loot to blow the fines off. all they gonna do is try to get you to say something to mess up your money. he already know. the beast will never change because the beast cannot change. ase.

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