Motherboard Cities in the Matrix

October 31, 2020

Nothing is what it seems………………


  1. Right!

    I have been wanting to ask you if you have seen some of the mud fossil stuff on jootube?

  2. nah…..never heard of it. i wish the pink skins were all mud fossils though. at least then they could be brown and stop projecting their self-hatred onto us because they burn up in the sun. haha….what are they saying? send me some links. you know i’ll check it out.

  3. ok, here is one, Michelle Gibson – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MIVmFZAMPOI. I am not sure if this is to try to “make nice” with us before we get our powers back. LOL

  4. Ok, here is another one, Mudfossil University. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8v44qrU_Fdd7UN_XlUMpew/videos. This guy claims that there are fossils all over the work of giant humans and that archeology is lying. This tamahu is hard to listen to because he rambles. What he is finding are the remnants of our empire.

  5. oh ok. yeah i’ve heard about that. i didn’t know they had a whole movement going haha……of course they are lying. that’s all they ever do to keep us in the “dark” and thinking this light show hologram of five senses is all that there is. the feds keep all that land out west to themselves because it’s a bunch of our ancient civilizations. they’re all over the planet and that’s where they get the tech from that they use today. that’s where playstations came from….and ipods and sony walkmans and on and on. they are stupid. they are just decent at reverse engineering the tiny fraction of what we did that they can understand. they cannot create anything useful unless they steal the idea from us and then their version is always toxic to the environment. they end up giving themselves cancer and all sorts of diseases in their quest for that paper money fake melanin that makes feel like they’re melanated. they have that reverse midas touch. everything they touch turns to lead instead of gold. haha…seriously though. think about it. all their shit is shit!!!!! and they act like it’s so great. their version of the car only uses 30% of the gasoline to propel the goddamn vehicle and the rests gets lost as heat. what a piece of shit!!!!! but i know we still have to drive them around to go places because most shit too far to walk or bike.

    in the end i’m like bobby on it though. they are only being what they are. they are unnatural so they naturally destroy nature…which includes us too!!!! most of us have elevated them in our minds as a people far beyond what they truly are so now they are all stressed out because their DNA is being dismantled by the cosmic energies. soon they will no longer be able to even speak or stand up…even though most of their bitches spend their lives on their backs anyway. haha….. it will be like that series where all of them go blind because they have no melanin to protect their eyes. they got so many of our people thinking there is something pretty about green and blue eyes. they look like freaks of nature but that would be insulting to nature. ain’t no way i’d put some damn blue and green contacts in my eyes. when i watch TV (the tiny bit i can stand that is) i always notice that goddamn fur they have. that shit be frizzing all over the place. i remember when Pert first came out and them muthafuckas went crazy over that shit because it made their fur look more like hair!!! we need to take advantage of their weakness to make money so we don’t have to work for their bullshit corpse-orations. ase.

  6. I absolutely love your answer! Thank you. 🤣

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