The Shalloween of Helloween

October 31, 2020


  1. This photo is hilarious! 🤣

    • remedy h wife done put his ass on youtube suspension. haha………he still post a little bit on facecrook though. .now he know he can’t be neglecting wife and daughter and not get put in the doghouse. haha…..that’s the only reason i never wanted to get married. you have a responsibility to them once you have children and tie the so-called knot. you can’t just get up at 3am and march down the street screaming like i can!!!!

  2. i know they look so damn pathetic. they still think adam and eve represents everyone on the planet when it’s just the creation story of their sorry asses 10,000 years ago along with the asians, most latinos, arabs and east indians. they are all the same heap of hybrid animal genetic garbage with all their fur and funk. their only claim to fame is stealing what our ancestors did and then teaching us they did all of it themselves. pathetic……cultural plagiarists and parasites. i cannot wait to get off this planet. i’m almost done watching panic part 3 but this mofo won’t stop getting off topic because niggas be gettin’ on his nerves. damn that’s what niggas do!!!!!!! he don’t even allow nobody to comment on his videos and i don’t blame him. my life is nigga free as well!!! and it’s stayin’ that way as long as i’m stuck here. ase!!!!!!!

  3. LOL, is that what happened to remedy h. Wow, I know he said he was taking a break. 🤣 🤣. He has been on jootube a lot to have a wife and children. And then he had that live meet up a couple of weeks ago.

    See, if he tried to leave here through a portal, he would get drawn back by the wife and children. LOL. I don’t want to get drawn back here like a magnet. I want to get out and I want my friends to get out of this prison planet (or plane) too! 💫

  4. This video series is really hard to watch, so I only scanned a couple of these videos. But here you go. This lady is an inbred from W. Virginia. Her tamahu husband abused her and cut 2 fingers off. Then her mother told her to either get a woman or a black man. WTH? I cut it off after that.

    I know. Enough, I can’t waist time with this stuff. 🤣 😂

    • yeah they are genetic mistakes for damn sure. i can’t even imagine them being our slaves. they lazy and burn up in the sun. haha……they are worrying about the sun but it’s the other solar radiation from other stars that is going to ruin them in the end. she look straight up like one of those “wrong turn” jewvie characters from west virginia. ughhhh….

      i’m wrapping up panic’s video and i feel like i’m the one who gave the damn lecture. his girl khadija must be very quiet because i know he must do most of the talking. haha…….

  5. Great! I am still on the 2nd video. I will let you know when I finish.

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