You Have Got To Be Kidding?!?!?

November 4, 2020


  1. That old hag (Johnson & Johnson heir) was worth billions. That company was target selling baby powder with asbestos in it to black women. Rashad should be ashamed to be with her.

    Adrian Fenty (former DC Mayor) did the same thing for Steve Jobs widow. Those she-devils sucked the life out of these men. Now they look like old shoes.

    • you know what else love? i just found out that johnson and johnson got patents on a bunch of viruses along with beegee kill bill gates. he’s literally making money off killing his own people. i think some of these buffoons have got to be clones and probably far more of them than we think. the jew doesn’t want to take any chance on them having some awakening so using a clone instead ensures loyalty since they are basically a flesh robot they can program and control. shaq and stephen a thompson are obviously clones. i wonder what they do with the bodies??? well that’s a dumb question. they steal the melanin like they always do. smh……ase.

  2. wow so he basically pimped himself out and just ate that nasty wrinkled furry dead pussy for money. what a manwhore…how he even gets it up is a miracle in itself. he must put on glasses that have pics of his ex on the inside of the lenses. i mean you are literally having sex with a damn corpse and an animal. that’s necrophilia and bestiality all rolled into one. i guess she got her johnson and johnson!!!!!!! smh :-)…ase!!!!

  3. I believe they would use clones as well. I didn’t know about johnson and johnson and the patents. I was looking for a birthday for that old hag and it was scrubbed from the internet. She looks like she is on some adrenochrome. ase.

  4. i can feel the 3rd dimension is becoming the 5th. my thoughts are manifesting within a day now. no bullshit sis. everything in the clouds is coming down to earth. once we pass where the soulless can survive then they will be scraped off of us like barnacles off a whale for all eternity!!! i can’t wait to be free!!! hang in there sweetness. i’m with ya!!!!! ase.

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