Mr President: YOU’RE FIRED!!!

November 7, 2020


  1. I thought that 45 was supposed to be the last one. If so, it may go down before January 20th of 2021. Well, I hope so anyway. ase

  2. i think they said 45 was last because it equals 9 the number of completion but i believe they started martial law under obama #44 and it’s still going on with all the executive orders just basically cancelling the constitution over time. it never applied to us anyway haha…..most think it does but we are not citizens legally even though they pretend we are. everything is a lie. that’s why it’s so frustrating because you can’t prove it really because they lie about it publicly but they still enforce it secretly. they will never admit it but you know a tree by the fruit it bears. the cops are straight up militarized and trained by israeli mossad. they kill on site when it’s us….especially the black males because they don’t want us around having babies with black women because they know those children are powerful as hell now so they want us gay so they can get inside and plant their animal genetic into the black womb. it’s working too because of the programming. in another few years they might have all they need to prevent themselves from dying out. i hope not but it’s going that way because they are willing to spend big money on the black women to save their race. the whole time our race is dying 😦

  3. I am disappointed in how we are falling for this

  4. very much so sis. very much so. oh well…..let me sleep it off. haha…….

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