The Isis Papers – Dr Frances Cress Welsing

November 9, 2020


  1. She was one of the first people to open my eyes. ase

  2. i was just reading it again too. i’m telling you money is fake melanin they use it like the fig leaves in the garden of eden not to hide physical nakedness but rather their lack of melanin. she says it represents feces too because that’s the only thing pink skins have that is brown and so they love to rub it all over themselves. haha…….these beasts are sick in every way….and kamala is about to bring about armageddon once joe dies shortly!!!!! ase.

  3. Joe really does look sickly. I #46 will want to open the border to the south. And they are already beating the drum for this vaccine. Those are 2 things that #45 would not do. But here we go, the last stand.

  4. it’s so weird how i started seeing all of this around the fake 2012 like the true spiritual people were given 8 more years to get ready from their lying even though it gave them more time too.. i can see in 2024 when pluto goes into aquarius a brand new way of life but hopefully i’ll be gone before then!!! TO THE CUSP!!!!!!!!!! haha…ase.

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