Afroism of the Day!!!!!

November 11, 2020

Money is black talismanic magick. The Jewish Rothschilds steal your melanin energy through your attention and love of their worthless fiat currency and then that energy goes to the Freemason pedophile presidents on the front. Then they do regular blood sacrifice rituals to harvest all the energy we have sent to them. This is the only way they stay in power……our love of their money. This is talismanic magick they stole from us and now they are using it on us for evil to keep our frequency where it can feed the Archons who manage the 3D hologram we are in called the Matrix. In other words we are doing it to ourselves by not uniting and just going for self. We will always lose when we don’t band together…..ALWAYS!!!!!!

Expressions from The Melanin Man

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Blak Rant

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