Dr Phil Valentine Speaks on the Current Madness – BlackMagik363

November 11, 2020

In case Jewtube takes it down.



  1. Thanks. I finally saw it last night.

  2. see what i mean?!?! they all took a vow to support the dead corporation in bankruptcy and save it when we should be supporting our own corporation under law!!!!! ugh!!!!!!!!!! our people are never going to listen. i need to just give it up. ase.

  3. Now amazon says I will get the isis book on Nov 21st. It is really almost time to go!

  4. hahaha……that’s one reason i ordered from barnes and noble and it may have been a little cheaper too. i’m only on like chapter 13 or so because i usually read some astrology and magick every day too and sometimes i can’t get it all in. i’ll be lying in the damn floor about to fall asleep about to drool on the book. then i go meditate and fall asleep half the time. haha…..ase.

  5. nuben be trippin’ me the hell out. he be serious as a damn heart attack. haha…….you can’t change those people that are already gone. they under the spell of the matrix and they don’t even know it. i wouldn’t bother cussing them out six days a week. haha…….

  6. Dec 19_ 21 carrington effect ,corona mass ejection,detox your body of heavy metals, charcoal…. Get your thoughts right!

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