Joe Biden’s Covid Task Force Forcing Vaccines On “Blacks”

November 20, 2020


  1. I already know, if they gave folks $20 to report people for not getting the vaccine, everyone (except for one person) around me would report my ass. Get ready, they will be pushing this from all angles – employers, travel, medical care, schools, even the bootlicking preachers.

  2. haha……if worst comes to worst i’ll get in the car and drive straight thru the mexico border and flatten everybody in the way. i should have left this country a long time ago. it belongs to us but these other “races” are not going to leave without dying. they’re not going to pay up like they owe without dying. they are not going to do anything that is morally correct without nature exterminating them in which case we just do it for ourselves once they’re all dead. of course there may be some type of rapture like event where we all just get scooped the hell out of here. that would be ideal. strange dreams recently. can’t make any sense out of them. how about you? ase.

  3. I think there will be a lot of confusion and people with be dropping dead so much that you won’t have to leave the country or get the vaccine. It will be pretty easy to be under the radar for a while.

  4. that vaccine gonna be a show stopper. you know ain’t nothing in it about no damn corona. it’s all trying to stop our dna from going back to godhood and spirit form. they probably don’t even care what it does to the dumb ass manimal sheeple. haha….i know i don’t!!!! ase.

  5. Right! ase

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