Buck Breaking 2020

November 21, 2020


  1. That is one movie that Ving should have passed on.

  2. you know that damn ving like dat thing!!! he was always errand boy in mission impossible with tom cruise too. i had a dream about tom cruise a few nights ago. i was driving trying to chase his ass down about something with all that botox still trying to act and look 30 when he damn near 60. crazy ass scientologist bullshit which is why all his wives left his stupid short goofy ass. in the dream somebody kept giving me bad directions so i kept missing my turns but imma find his chlorox botox ass and beat the shit out of him eventually……hopefully tonight…..as above so below….so tired of the jews trying to make these pink male homos into the heroes/herus. ain’t no real sista gonna fall for that shit no way but it still gets on my damn nerves with their furry sulphur wet puppy dog smelling asses…ase.

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