Birthday Buffoonery…..GROW THE HELL UP!!!!!!!!

November 23, 2020


  1. Right! My birthday was when I got snatched back into this plane, my memory got wiped and I ended up in diapers again! That is nothing to celebrate every year.

    But Happy Birthday Jakari! Ha ha ha.

  2. haha….these attention starved negros and negresses in regress from repress making me depressed get on my damn nerves. i get it though. we know we a special people but we don’t get treated that way down here because of the melanation hateration. i can’t be faking the funk though when i know we under assault 24/7. you can be celebrating your bday and however old you are that’s how many times the cops shoot yo stupid ass out celebrating thinking we all equal and shit. why would we want to be equal with a bunch of manimals that are less than us when all they are doing is pretending they are greater than us?!?!?!? mentellect did a show on that a day or two ago. that’s like choosing to lose. i ain’t playing no game where i know my ass is gonna lose!!!! ase!!!!!!!

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