Crappy Stanksgiving!!!!!!!

November 25, 2020

It’s comical how every year the fake native Asian coons come out off the reservation to continue complaining to the government they sided with to fuck over the true original people. The man on the left is a descendant of the Olmec people. The one on the right is an Asian that mixed with us after migrating from Asia over the Bering Strait. They are not original whatsover. Look at his slanted eyes. That’s a goddamn Asian!!!!! aka white.

Tell me those are not slanted eyes aka epicanthic folds!!!!!!!

These fake fucks sold us out and then complain about being double crossed by the pinkazoids but they genocided all of us. They never tell you that the reds refused to work as slaves. We should have too but we had already been here hundreds of thousands of years so we knew how to work the land properly. They just simply kidnapped us from our tribes and forced us into slavery at the end of a gun by threatening us and our families.

I noticed too that they decided to not use a mascot for the former Washington Redskins anymore. You know what that is all about. They know WE are the true natives!!!!!!! I guess they figure better to not have a mascot than to keep heaping more and more bad karma on themselves from their nonstop lies.

It’s just like the Holocaust. Hitler didn’t target any Jews but he did kill millions of other “races” including melanoids before the Jews bankrupted German….. and Germany is still paying them for a Holohoax….not that I give a shit. Fuck Germany. Almost all pinkazoids have German ancestry. That’s what it means to be European or “white” is to be German. They are all germs of man and they smell like it too!!!!!

Anyway they always omit what they did to us and then give us some dumb ass lie like we’re all from Africa. BULLSHIT!!!!!!! This is our land and we’re going to take it back by nature slaughtering them all!!!!!! Our hatred of them is destroying destroy them. We are Gods!!!!!! That is cosmic justice and it’s already underway and soon to be finished……..FOREVER!!!!!!! ASE!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I am so ready for them to go. I see their dna breaking down and all the wrinkles they have. It cannot happen fast enough for me. ase.

  2. they hurtin bad. haha…..i think most of ’em gonna die from drug overdose from prescriptions rather than melanoma. when north node goes into taurus near end of 2021 they ain’t gonna do nothing but stay fucked up and die. hahaha……it’s all coming together!!!!! ase.

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