The Djed Pillar = Jedi

November 27, 2020

A lot of melanated people still think that pink skins can create new things, ideas, concepts, inventions, etc. They cannot. All creativity comes from the Creator and they have no connection to it because their pineal gland is calcified and nonfunctional and they have no eumelanin. All they can do is steal ideas and concepts from us and our ancestors and then claim to have created something new. They’re liars, parasites and culture plagiarists. They have no culture of their own outside of lying, theft, rape, violence, war and materialism. Their religion is money and white supremacy. They worship us in private but publicly they worship white Jesus because they know it has power from black Christians worshiping the same fictitious god that is nothing but a massive thought form in the astral realm from all the people believing that he was a real person.

The djed pillars indicates power and authority. Steven Spielberg, a Jew of course, dropped the D from the front added an I to the end to get JEDI from DJED. The Jedi are evil despite what they tell you. Anything they call good is really bad. They are pretending that they have real cosmic authority when it’s all us!!!! The light saber is the symbol of the DJED and it’s also a phallic symbol. All they do is steal from us. It’s all they CAN do!!!!!!! They don’t even really exist without a soul. Ase!!!!!!!!

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