Denial Ain’t Just A River in Kemet

November 28, 2020

All of these are 100% true and proven and yet most people still cling to their emotional beliefs. We all got raised on lies. When you grow up you are supposed to ditch the bullshit!!!!!! ASE!!!!!!!

1) there was no program by hitler that targeted jews. even the six million number has been changed on the holocaust memorial.
2) israel mossad did 9/11 not arabs
3) america is still a colony of britain. independence was faked by the freemasons. most of our taxes still go to britain.
4) jackie killed jfk
5) bush sr ordered fbi hit on mlk
6) farrakhan ordered the hit on malcolm x
7) the earth is a dome not a globe
8) black and white have nothing to do with skin color. they are legal statuses. black means no rights. whites means rights.
9) we have never been to the moon and are never going. there is no space. sci-fi is all a scam.
10) blacks are the true native Americans and not the reds who are Asians that migrated here and mixed with us when we were olmecs.
11) jesus was invented by the roman catholic church. it’s not a real historical person.
12) nonblack people did not evolve. we genetically engineered them by splicing our dna with animal dna.
13) whites don’t have hair. they have fur because of their animal dna.
14) racism is projected white self-hatred. they want to be us but they can’t so they hate us just like the fox and the grapes.

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