Afroism of the Century!!!!!

November 29, 2020

A picture speaks a thousand words……..


  1. These Olmecs were all over. I knew about the Cahokia for long time but I was just reading about Awulmeka in Louisiana and the cave beasts have renamed it Poverty Point. We have to stop teaching the lies to children in school. It’s ridiculous.

  2. Coming to America is on network tv tonight. WTH?

  3. hell yeah we were all over. they talking about tabasco and veracruz. one is hot sauce and the other is true heart. you see how they never stop with the rituals???? i would send mine to their stupid indoctrination camps but i would homeschool at the same time to make sure they knew the lies vs the truth. it’s funny how children always run up to me and their parents are like WTF?!?!?!? they know i love the truth and will die for it!!!!!

    coming to america??? i thought they were working on a sequel??? eddie ain’t funny no more since he married that pink beast and had all them mixed beast children with that skank. he is in the sunken place bad!!!!!! just like coonye….i meant kanye and many others.

    i’m ready for this 12/21/2020 shit to go down. pink skins thinking jesus coming back. they’re right but it’s really MY ASS HERU!!!!!! and i’m going to fry those muthafuckas to a burnt bloody crisp!!!!

    wait until my powers come back online 100%. i can feel them rising. i am going to fly to come see you and you can watch me slaughter them wholesale!!!!! ASE!!!!!!

  4. Ase!

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