The Dangers of Praying

December 3, 2020


  1. I am convinced that when you pray, you are giving up energy to low level entities who are parasites.

  2. hell yeah you are!!!!!! its like summoning spirits during a seance. they don’t know who the hell they talking to. it could a spirit or thought form impersonating your people. sometimes you can tell but most times you can’t because you want to believe the lie.

    mentellect going off on crazy females tonight….hahah…..i feel him though because we want to save everybody. that shit ain’t happenin’. that shit has never jhappened. we only save those ready to leave this fake ass hologram.


    this is a perfect time to read isis thesis with these vaccines being deployed in a few weeks. they already started in britain. they trying to beat 12/21 when jupiter and saturn conjoin in aquarius. these mofos are so dead. i don’t understand all of isis thesis but that ain’t necessary. all we need to know is the basics. it sinks in while you are reading it after you watch a little panic. everything is already inside you. ase.

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