Afroism of the Day!!!!!!!

December 7, 2020


  1. Right … they just want create a guilt program for us and get us to come back here. It’s all about us! I am woking on the thesis book. It takes some time to get through it. Ase!

  2. hey sis!!! yeah it’s all about that original sin bullshit and india fucking up what the kushites tried to teach their all fours walking monkey stank asses. i don’t feel guilty about a damn thing and i know the other species doesn’t either or else they would stop doing what they do. i could stomp one of their babies and just laugh and go take a nap like i stomped a bug. i ain’t never even trying to love nobody that ain’t melanated no more. i should have started that at birth but my mom always taught me to love the pinkazoids because of that stupid ass christianity and jesus turning his butt cheeks. freak!!!!!!!

    yes the book takes some time and it ain’t light reading either!!! i’m skipping a day in between so my head doesn’t explode. as long as i get the gist of it that’s cool and should be enough to make the jump whenever it happens. it’s funny that you mentioned it though because i had a dream this morning where a dead uncle by marriage of mine and my dad threw me a “baby shower” but i didn’t have anybody pregnant so i they must have been talking about something else being born…..i hope my damn heru DNA!!!!! my uncle even asked me how many base pair? i was like “uhhhhh…….two?” and he said “nope!!!!!! seven!!!!!!” and then I don’t remember any more. haha…….ase!!!!!!

  3. did you watch any of the panic videos? dude trips me out. ase.

  4. Yes, I watched 2 of the panic videos, it takes a long time to get through those 2. But he does give good explanations. AseĢ.

    • he said he make em long to root out the shallow niggas who give up easy…hahaha….

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