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December 10, 2020


  1. We made this far. I had some virus software on my mac that has prevented me from comments or likes on your blog. I had to take that stuff off my computer. Your blog has been on fire. :).

  2. oh no you got the covid virus on your pc!!!! haha…..

    man the pics in the isis thesis are too damn tiny!!!! i need to get a larger copy. i just don’t want to assume what they are saying makes sense just because it sounds technical. you know how pink skins always want us to think that they are smart because they know they are genetically deficient in every way………including intelligence!!!!!! i remember when i was little i used to dust those dumb ass crackas. i won all the awards and the pink parents would be sitting there looking stupid in amazement because they really believe that WE are the monkeys!!!! hahaha….they don’t know true history…….just HIS STORY!!!!!! i would never do it again…..try to prove myself to a bunch of monkeys with fur that can walk and talk. it’s no contest….and they know it. what does God have to prove to a dog? God created the damn dog. haha……..

    mannnnn panic be taking people’s money and not sending them their damn panic herbal packs. this is the 2nd time i tried ordering one and other people are complaining about it too. the fake conscious movement ain’t shit so i hope he ain’t falling into that because there ain’t no coming back from that. i noticed he be hanging out with BOB all the time trying to pretend his ass still young and probably to get those younger chicks. haha……you know how most “black” males are. i still look about 35 but i wouldn’t date no young chick under 30. they still chasing whatever people chase in this busted ass 3D simulation. what are we going to talk about? bruno mars???? hahaha……ASE!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Young women would must want to have a baby. Ha ha. AseĀ“ This book is making my head spin. LOL

  4. das wassup sis!!!!! haha……..the shit from the book settles in over time so don’t worry. the pieces of our jigsaw always put themselves back together. i keep a dictionary on my phone too for those unknown words because if it’s something stupid i don’t care but if it’s protease then………yeah i kinda need to know what the fuck that is. feel me??? honestly as long as you read it your brain will record it into the akashic record which means you can retrieve it whenever you need it. it can’t be wasted or lost or forgotten since we are infinite. i didn’t read any today but i have one more before i reach the book of gates i think. hell i be sittin’ in the sun soakin’ up the universe. pink skins be lookin’ like what is this negro doing??!?!? that’s our sun!!!! we should charge this nigger to use our sun!!!!!! hahaha……..ase!!!!!!!!

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