Afroism of the Day!!!!!!

December 12, 2020


  1. I don’t think that people want to really believe they are capable of killing us. When I talk to people, it’s really hurtful to them. They want to believe they will help us. I sent this 3-minute video to a few people, and they cried …

    This man was only 5 years old when they radiated him. I still don’t know if that was enough to slap my people back to reality. The folks who get the vaccine will be dead or walking around like zombies in a few years. AseĢ.

  2. pinkazoid sickness is becoming open and obvious the way age of aquarius will do. it’s all about truth which they hate of course. they keep trying to ban me on facebook but they can’t do it because i’m spittin’ nothin’ but truth and facts with no emotion. now they send some brother tonight talkin shit tryin’ to throw me off my game. you know how they do. agents and provocateurs. anything for a paycheck…..even if it means jabbing people with poison so the government doesn’t have to pay out their pensions, medicare/medicaid and social security. it’s all about the money because that’s where the melanin energy resides. ase.

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