Pink Skins Still Pushing “Blacks ALL From Africa”

December 22, 2020

I got this from 23andme the DNA company yesterday telling me there were more updates for the test I got a few years ago. Yes I was stupid enough to try it once or twice just to see what it says. There’s no telling what they did with the rest of my DNA but you know it ain’t good.

The trick is they only test us for African DNA and they omit us from the native American category so that we continue to believe that the red fake fretenders are the real natives when they are really just a bunch of goddamn asian impostors.

They responded that I could take a separate test for native DNA but for what? Those fake natives took over our tribes and are now kicking us out of our own tribes!!!!!! WE HAVE NO FRIENDS!!!!!!!!

They about to recognize Lumbee fakes as a federal tribe.


And they just gave most of Oklahoma to the fake natives as well.



  1. They are even giving $1800 to illegals within the US, and we get a measly $600.

    • wtf?!?!?! dis shit madness sis….they giving more recognition to the fake red natives too. you know its ova. they sending me more 23andme saying im from nigeria and not americ. see what i mean??? the goddamn lies are ova man!!!!!! ase.

  2. this guy looks crazy like they all do but he speaks the truth and got banned from jewtube.


    haha………this shit is ridiculous. they just had the relief into a huge omnibus bill to get whatever they want passed. there is no way trump is going to sign this shit even though there is a bunch in it for israel. what the fuck do they need more for? killing more palestinians?!?! well we know how the devil demiurge works and he can feel himself waning and dying the fuck out. once that demiurge is finished this whole matrix collapses. ase.

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