China Hoarding Gold and Using Copper In Fake Gold

December 22, 2020

Gold is the metal of the Sun. Every planet has a metal. The Sun is the soul. Whoever has the gold gets the melanin energy from the original melanated people. Gold is also Heru. They do blood rituals to the Demiurge god of the Old Testament aka Yahwah aka Zeus aka Yaldabaoth to prevent Heru from being born and part of that is making sure that black females don’t have babies with real black men. Heru cannot be born from a thug loser and a drug dealer. It’s all in the genes and DNA.

Also copper is the metal of Venus the planet of wealth, sex and luxury. They are taking energy from our melanin spirit and putting it into materialism and perverted sex aka porn to keep the Matrix going. You have to look at everything metaphysically or you will be tricked. Don’t use your physical eyes. Use your first eye pineal gland!!!!!!!! If it ain’t open then get busy getting it open!!!!!! ASE!!!!!!!!!!

Blak Rant

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