Covid Pimping the Black Woman

December 23, 2020

Fauci said the vaccine must be safe for “blacks” because a black woman helped develop it. Huh? Like black folk don’t spend most of their lives selling out for a comfortable lifestyle and losing their soul in the process.

And then as a followup a black woman gave Biden his dose of placebo or likely just some goddamn water.


  1. Yes you are so right, they are pimping Kizzi. And you know Kizzie don’t even really like black folks. All skin folk ain’t kinfolk. Earlier this year, her weave made me really suspicious. But hey, the young people are figuring out the stuff now. You said we have moved on from believing versus knowing. I am so proud of this young lady.

  2. i figured. you know any “black” female in that public corporate role most likely a bed wench ass bitch….another cunnilingus rice. she gonna get what’s coming to her. maybe she will take the poison herself and all her damn hair fall out. hahaha……my mom still sending me xmas cards like i recognize that bullshit. whatever……some people just never get it. they want to stay in the matrix forever. so be it!!!!!! dumb asses……… ase.

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