Make Up Your Minds!!!!!!

December 28, 2020


  1. Jakari, I don’t watch tv much, but I have watched a little due to boredom because I don’t celebrate all of these holidays. I saw this very disturbing commercial. It was called Progressive Insurance Commercial Motaur. One version is “herd” (that has been out for a while) and the other one that I just saw was called “gym”. I don’t know why I was so disturbed. I don’t want to post it here but you can find the ads on jootube. Can you please let me know your take on this crap?

    • i don’t get it but i may be slow. haha……he’s pretending to be a black centaur in the gym and hogging the treadmill while reading a book. what are you seeing? i didn’t meditate today. haha…….ase.

  2. it’s all good sis…haha….i was just venting from a friend telling me all of his xmas drama last night and my mind always goes to the solution instead of non-stop emotional complaining. i watch a few shows too but mostly jewtube stuff and if TV then usually just to decode what they are really saying. i’ve always hated progressive commercials and i wrote them several times telling them….especially that pale skin red lipstick wearing femi-nazi bitch they always use. after my complaints (and probably other people too!!!) it seems like it tapered it down a little but i still hate them intensely. you can tell it’s straight up brainstaining and they ain’t even real TV. they just fucking dumb ass commercials but insurance is all banking and that’s all the goddamn jew so it’s all the same asshole pedophile devils.. i’ll check it out and let you know…assuming i can find it 🙂

  3. No rush. I am getting a lot of holiday calls about drama too! A friend’s daughter got killed by her ex-boyfriend. Then another friend’s husband shot himself in the foot and because he is an ex-police officer, the police were questioning her like she did it. Then another friend’s husband got COVID and then he tried to give it to her, now she has it. etc etc etc. I don’t know why they have to call me. I would rather just get a card. These are crazy times we are living in.

    Back to progressive, I felt like they castrated this man to put a motorcycle below the waist. It was just really disturbing to me.

    • goddamn that is some crazy shit sis. i just run from drama but i know you want to help by being a good listener and das wassup. i used to do it too but i have grown distant from everything to be honest. you seem like a good friend to everyone you know so i know great things are in store for you in the higher realms.

      i can see your point. why did he have to be black? we didn’t have nobody in wonder woman except a homeless man. all these things add up the the mind and i can tell a difference in how people address me….very disrespectful ya know? all from the goddamn jewish media but that’s ok. this just a hologram with a bunch of homos so let’s call it a homogram and the show bout to be ova!!!!!! ase.

  4. I’m watching dr phil now. Thanks Ase

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