Dr Neely Fuller’s Code In A Nutshell

January 5, 2021

Neely Fuller’s Code in a Nutshell

Until you understand white supremacy, what it is and how it works everything else you understand will only confuse you.
There are three classifications of people: 1) black 2) white and 3) white supremacist
Never ask more than one question at a time.
Never talk over anyone when they are replying to your question.
White supremacists practice white supremacy for fun, glory and material comfort. 
When someone says something and you want to know why they said it go ask them and not anyone else. 
All nonwhite people can say anything they want under VGQ.
Everything wrong with black people is the fault of the white supremacy. They deserve ALL of the blame.
Always stay in the question lane.
Words are nothing but tools.
Always avoid arguments.
If it’s not constructive do not participate in it. Avoid nonconstructive people and activities. 
Treat each other with respect and do not use vulgar language.
Stop showing off in front of other black people.
Stop name calling!!!!!!!
All black people are prisoners of war mulling around in the prison yard. No prisoner is above another prisoner.
Interracial relationships are prisoners having sex with the prison guards. It should be avoided.
Watch Shawshank Redemption and how Andy Dufresne used words and behavior to get what he wanted from the prison warden. 
When pulled over by the police NO FUSSING!!! NO FIGHTING !!!! NO FLEEING!!!!
When invited to a gathering ask the people holding it who is going to be there and what is going to be done. Do not attend if it is not constructive.
Do not observe holidays until white supremacy has been replaced with a system of justice.
The only form of government that exists on the planet today is white supremacy.
The black female vagina will be replaced by the white male anus.
Anyone capable of being a white supremacist should be suspected of being racist. 
All black relationships will be abnormal until the system of white supremacy is replaced with a system of justice.
Do the best you can.
The system of white supremacy is nothing but tacky, trashy and terroristic.

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