Sole Custody or Soul Custody?

January 5, 2021


  1. Disney Pixar came out with a kids joovie called “Soul”. It is about black folks too. This movie cannot be good for our children to watch. They are probably trying to trick as many souls to stay here as they can 🧐 Asé

  2. i heard about it from foster ebay and he liked it so much he watched it twice. he said it was just about what happens we melanated people die. we should go into the darkness but we have been taught that we should love the “whites” (really pinks) and go into the light. fuck that!!!! you never do what they tell you….your smiling, lying ass enemy. whatever they say tells you that you must do the opposite since they are our opposites in every way when we are in our right mind.

    i stopped reading isis thesis. i have enough info i think. i got to the book of gates. i have balls of fire but i just read one chapter. i think i might get the road to orion and see wassup but i’m just watching the skies man. i had so many dreams a few days ago that i damn near couldn’t move the next day from being so tired. the dimensions are merging. there are portals all over the planet in the skies at night and fireballs even during the damn day!!!!! soon we won’t need no stupid goddamn money, food, sleep, etc, of course we can still eat if we want. haha…..i gotta have my daily morning turkey bacon!!!!!!

    you gotta watch star trek discovery so you can complain with me!!!! ase!!!!!!

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