Inauguration Day Bombshell !!!!!!!!

January 17, 2021

Mars, Moon and Uranus all conjunct each other will be squaring Jupiter and Saturn (also the Sun too mildly) in Aquarius on Inauguration (augur meaning bad omen) Day. Joe Biden is NOT the legitimate president and the entire US Corporation housing itself within America is more of the same. The transit is going to break the fuck out of this ongoing bullshit!!!!! I can’t wait. You know they are going to try something to scare us to negate the energy so just expect it. They know they can’t do anything to us now. We are far higher than their vibration. They are cornered animals making their Custer’s Last Stand.

This is why they always have Inauguration Day on 1/20 because it’s the day we go from Capricorn to Aquarius. Both of those signs are ruled by Saturn or their fake God Satan which is really just Jesus is disguise. ASE!!!

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