All I Want On My Headstone

January 19, 2021

I’m being cremated by the way so there ain’t gonna be nothing but ashes tossed into a moving body of water since I’m a Pisces. I ain’t going in the ground and then wandering around like a dumb ass after I’m dead for a hundred years because I think I’m still alive like Bruce Willis in Sixth Sense. That shit is real. There are dead people all around us who think they’re still alive. When you die the personality, the vital or etheric body and they physical body all die. The only thing that returns or reincarnates is the Ego if you have not eliminated it before death. Those things take time to decay so sometimes the soul lingers. If you burn up the body there ain’t no confusion about nothing because the bodies are gone through the fire like Chaka Khan!!!

This is what the Gnostics teach so decide for yourself. I believe in reincarnation but I don’t believe melanated people have a true choice. We are being tricked or forced into returning to be a melanin food source for the parasite hybrid manimals in charge. This life is a soul trap so that other races can prosper and profit at our expense.


  1. Hey, you know how these beasts are always remembering disasters on the anniversary of the disaster? I was just thinking that the media spent all last year talking about covid. So what happened 10 years prior to 2020 that they don’t want to talk about.

    One huge disaster that happened was the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill – April 20 2010. And they did not want to talk about it on April 20th 2020. I remember how president obama gave them a pass.
    This was an event that hurt the planet, so it is very important. I feel like more of the cave beasts were killed after this event than we realize. And the kill off has ramped up. Just like more of them have died and are dying from covid than the media will admit.

    I believe that their numbers are down more than we could ever imagine right now. The media is just trying to get us to believe that they are still here in great numbers.

    I believe the planet is a sentient being that wants them outta here. This process is ramping up. The vaccine will not save them. Ase´

  2. I was also thinking about what they did 10 years ago to the planet in Japan. Are they still supposed to have the olympics this year?

  3. yo!!!! no doubt about it sis. the jewish media keeps us in that breaking news mode now. larry king died today and i’m happy. fuck that frogface kike. i never liked him. he looks like a damn space alien. i can’t wait for wolf blitzkrieg blizter to kick the bucket but the fucking jew has no goddamn life whatsoever besides lying to people all day so he will probably just keel over on live TV one day soon. i hope i get to see it live!!!!! people are already so brainwashed that they just can’t turn it off the dumb shit. it’s like mental food to them now. they love their fear and lies. my mother is completely gone on that shit and she says i’m the crazy one and that biden loves “black” people. she even said it’s ok that he gave the eulogy at the funeral of that KKK grandmaster robert byrd. see what i mean?!?! the white man can do no wrong in their eyes. they are gone!!!!!!! for good!!!!! FUCK ‘EM!!!!!!!!

    whenever the goddamn jew stops reporting on something most people think the shit is over because they can’t wait to get to the next bullshit story. now how the hell could an oil spill be over just from not being covered anymore? the shit is comical. of course it’s still going on…and on…and on….and on…. i don’t think it ever stopped and yet people continue to eat seafood from that area poisoning themselves. that’s good because pink and yellow skins eat a lot of seafood especially that bottom dwelling crab and lobster filth. this is all part of the global genocide agenda to get the population under a billion as part of agenda 2030 formerly codex alimentarius. all the goddamn food is fake, processed or GMO and even the organic stuff ain’t 100% organic.

    and yes they are always lying about the population numbers. i don’t see why they even both taking a census. many people like us ain’t telling them shit. if they can just make up the numbers then why even bother asking us?!?!? i’ll tell you why. they have to get us to participate in the ritual. everything is a ritual. they feel like they don’t get the bad karma if we willingly participate in things like voting but that is complete bullshit because if the people are brainwashed and conned then they are not making a free will decision. they may delay the karma but they still gotta pay for their parasitism. pink skins think they get a pass just because they have lied themselves into fake greatness with their bullshit his-story. now you know there are more than 40 million melanated people in this country!!!!! and i ain’t even talking about no damn abomination miscegenation biracial babies. from what i can figure we are about 60 million strong. they like to lump latinos in with us as minorities but we are the global majority and most latinos are just asians which are classified as “white” under this wicked ass system. when it comes to the census though then they want to lump latinos in with themselves as hispanic whites. hahaha…..they will never change. they couldn’t if they wanted to. it’s in their genes and DNA to be fucked up forever. if we weren’t here they would have already self-exterminated. problem solved.

    yes the planet is sentient. her name is tiamat. her name is leviathan. some call her gaia. she has many names. she is YOU!!!!!! and i am her as well. when she hurts then it makes us hurt too because we are part of each other. we are neter and we are connected to nature. the pink skin elite reptiles know this….which is why they are constantly destroying her and keeping us out of alignment with nature with their calendars, jobs, prescriptions, chemtrails, vaccines, etc. time is also accelerating. days just fly by now and i’m glad. let’s hurry up and get this shit over with because there ain’t no changing a parasite. they either kill the host or the host kills them or they both die. i ain’t with that 1st and 3rd option. they just have to be killed. this is all about controlling your melanated womb!!!! ya’ll gonna have to start putting your uterus on lock and key!!!!!!!!!! filthy bastards….this is all so fucking sick but i do have to say too. IT’S JUST A FUCKING HOLOGRAM!!!!!!! hahaha…..

  4. I luv luv luv your response!!! Asé

    • damn skippy!!!!! truth is eternal and all lies die!!! ase!!!!!

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