Welcome to Vagina….I Mean Vatican City….

January 24, 2021

If you can’t tell that’s a womb and a birth canal then you should be classified as legally blind. This is where the strawman using your birth certificate all began under Pope Boniface and his Unam Sanctum declaring ownership of the salvation of the souls of all melanated people on the planet. They know THEY don’t have souls. They use us to fuel their wicked enterprises including the global fiat currency, the stock market, wars, etc. Until you can see the symbolism it won’t make any sense. Everything is four elements and five senses. From that they constructed this Matrix using our pyramids, obelisks and energy points on the planet called ley lines. Now their ley lies are being revealed. They’re all just melanin parasites.

Expressions from The Melanin Man

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Blak Rant

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