Buck Breaking Movie – Tariq Nasheed

January 25, 2021

I’m not a huge fan of Tariq anymore but I will check it out. Tariq wants to be famous like a damn rapper and he is definitely about the money. He’s become one of the Jewtube pimps or at least pimp wannabees. I never trust people like that plus he’s a Cancer and they are overly emotional most of the time. They usually have huge mommy issues too because Cancer is ruled by the Moon which is the mother. Ase.



  1. I had family members that were so hyped up on Tariq’s first 3 movies. I thought that these people would be inspired and start to read about our history and continue to learn about who we are. But to them it was just another movie. They went right back to church and continued on with all the foolishness.

  2. ROFL!!!! that’s the rule rather than the exception. our emotions are buried so deep that we are terrified of confronting all of that baggage. maybe kamala KALI MA will awaken something in them from the symbolism because we already know that bed wench ass bitch ain’t shit. hahaha……ase.

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