Another Jewvie Ritual – King Kong vs Godzilla

January 27, 2021

King Kong represents the melanated man even though we are not apes. The apes are obviously the East Indians, Arabs, Asians and pinkazoids. They have fur. We have hair. If you shave Kong down to his skin guess what color it would be??!?!? Pink!!!!!! But most people are so brainwashed that when they see black fur they equate that with melanated people because of the nonstop projection of their self-hatred onto us.

Godzilla is the melanated wombman. She was awakened her shakti kundalini because she can shoot fire from her mouth like the dragon. Dragons are real creatures. It’s not just some jewvie shit. They stole it from us of course and not pretend it’s just make believe the same way they do fairies, mermaids, undines, sylphs, etc. All of that shit is real!!!!!!!!! The soulless ones have no connection to the Creator so they cannot create. All they ever do it plagiarize and imitate and then lie that they originated. The word originate comes from origin which means the first genes. They don’t have the first genes so how could they originate anything?!?! Words matter.

origin (n.)

c. 1400, “ancestry, race,” from Latin originem (nominative origo) “a rise, commencement, beginning, source; descent, lineage, birth,” from stem of oriri “arise, rise, get up; appear above the horizon, become visible; be born, be descended, receive life;” figuratively “come forth, take origin, proceed, start” (of rivers, rumors, etc.), from PIE *heri- “to rise” (source also of Hittite arai- “to arise, lift, raise,” Sanskrit iyarti “to set in motion, move,” Armenian y-arnem “to rise”). Meaning “beginning of existence” is from 1560s; sense of “that from which something derives its being or nature” is from c. 1600.

So now they are pitting the melanated man against the melanated wombman on the big jew screen. It should not surprise anyone really. They have been doing ever since they funded the civil rights movement and then hijacked it for feminism to steal the melanated female from her male by labeling us all as toxic masculinity and then showcasing melanated women being abused by us as if it happens all day every day. Remember Mike Tyson and Robin Givens???? Remember Clarence Thomas and Anita Hill??? Chris Brown and Rihanna??? I know you remember Ray Rice smacking the hell out of his girl since they got lucky enough to get that one on camera. They don’t give a shit about either of us but they want to pretend the melanated man is a menace to his wombman. Bullshit!!!!!!! Once again they are projecting their own shortcomings onto us and they never run out of them. They want to melanated wombman to hate her man and go fuck some hybrid beast or become a licking lesbo femi-nazi. There are melanated females that are falling for it but they will never get mass acceptance of their trickery because most melanated females only have sex with melanated males and vice versa. It doesn’t FEEL right when it’s not our own race. I never felt comfortable when I used to do it. Your mind tells you it’s wrong because it IS WRONG!!!!!! It’s bestiality…..at best!!!! and abomination at worst!!!!

The release date is scheduled for March 31, 2021 a Wednesday which is odd. Wednesday is ruled by the Mercury the messenger of the Gods so what message are they sending? You already know it’s going to be anger and frustration before I even demonstrate it. Also it’s a 4 day because 31=3+1=4 which represents the material world. March is really the first month of the real year and it’s name comes from Mars which rules Aries the God of War. Here’s the astrology chart for that day:

The Moon or mind/mother/emotions is debilitated in Scorpio. Mercury the intellect is debilitated in Pisces and it’s conjunct in Neptune making it even more confused. Those are trining each other so those energies are going to flow freely between them. Chiron the wounded healer is conjunct the Sun and Venus in Aries. The Sun is the father and Venus/Moon are the mother going to war in Aries. Also to make it even worse the north node is conjunct Mars in Gemini which means people will be wanting a fight. The north node turns whatever conjuncts it into an obsession and Mars in Gemini puts all their energy into talking smack in its negative form. A positive form might be an inspiring speech like Malcolm X used to do but we know most people usually manifest the negative polarity of these planetary energies because they cannot control their minds and hence not their emotions either. This is a powder keg waiting to go off and so they chose this day to release it.

As if that wasn’t enough guess who was born on that day?!?!?!?!

John Arthur Johnson (March 31, 1878 – June 10, 1946), nicknamed the “Galveston Giant“, was an American boxer who, at the height of the Jim Crow era, became the first African American world heavyweight boxing champion (1908–1915).

In other words they want to resurrect the domestic abuse image at the same time.

Also Jack Johnson only fucked around with pink bitches so you know the message they are trying to send by abusing his ancestral energy.



  1. They are up to no good. I was just having a discussion with someone that the Clarence Thomas / Anita Hill hearings were 30 years ago. And Joe Biden was the one who was not treating Anita very well. And it think the Mike Tyson /Robin Givens interview was 33 years ago. They are definitely doing some kind of ritual. We have to see it boomerang it right back on them. I see these cave beasts choking their women! Now make it so!! 🤣🤣 Asé

  2. hahaha…….man my dreams have been stupid crazy recently. there was one where i was shopping with my dead brother buying shoes. what the hell does that mean? i wasn’t even that close to him really. my family thinks i’m repressing pain but i just didn’t know him. he was a cancer and he never spoke much. he was just a ladies man. i see cars and rain and teeth falling out. hahaha…..i’m figuring out some of it but it takes serious effort. meditation should be easy right now for the next few weeks. i’ll tell you why when i do your report. ase.

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