Gangsta Rap Is The Cause of Most Melanated Single Mothers

January 27, 2021


  1. Right! When we do decide to have children, we are supposed to be bringing in Gods. You can’t bring Gods in here with gangsta parents. AseĢ

    • 100% without gangsta rap females will be less atrracted to that dumb shit and they will mature faster like they are supposed to. right now its two immature ppl having immature babies. somebody got to grow up but ppl always feel that dumb ass need to fit in and then gangsta rap reels their asses in….to jail prison and court and even the morgue!!!! ase.

  2. and i know they don’t understand that but they need to. bad seed leads to bad fruit. you plant gangsta seed you cannot be surprised when you have a gangsta baby. apple seeds don’t grow oranges. we need to be thinking at that level but the goddamn jew and his mind control have most of our ppl stuck like fuck. in a way i don’t even care because i know we are eternal and never really die like the others but at the same time i want to make those fuckers pay like hell for making this matrix so unpleasant for us for hundreds of years. we deserve to make them suffer….and we will. ase!!!!!!!!

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