Watch “Morgan Freeman: let women chase you” on YouTube

January 27, 2021


  1. If females are chasing his old tired butt, they are doing it because he has money. That is just pitiful. His skin looks so bad, it looks like you could catch some disease. Yuck!

  2. hahaha…….he should know that those parasites are draining his melanin 24/7. after you are in the sunken place for so long you don’t even want to get the hell out. he’s a great actor but when i found out he only fucked with pink femanimals i lost all respect for him. i remember he used to be easy rider way back on electric company show when i was little. jews must love him though because they let him play god and president in several jewvies…..chris rock too. these people are all boule sellouts. you can tell amerikkka is just over. ppl keep trying to put bandaids on this bullshit but it ain’t gonna work.

    that edwina chick ain’t said shit since i asked who she was. haha…….i just don’t trust a name and a photo of flowers. i know you are the real deal. at least you have a pic and you are “woke” or whatever they call it this week. she could be a damn troll or somebody reporting me to the fbi or some shit. i don’t trust her. ase.

    • Do you remember when Morgan Freeman was having a relationship with his granddaughter? She called him out and then someone else that she was also in a relationship killed her. It was really weird because she was stabbed several times. It was like some kind of sacrifice or ritual killing.

      • It was his step-granddaughter, it that even makes a difference. LOL

  3. i don’t think i ever heard about it but you know any group of people that molest and cannibalize children will do any damn thing. beasts and two legged animals like nuben calls them. that is some fucked up shit though but it doesn’t surprise me. they go in public pretending to be all normal and shit when they really a bunch of closet goddamn psycho freak devils. somebody needs to kill all of them. we shouldn’t be waiting on death to take them. we should do death a favor. haha….ase.

  4. well i guess maybe he wouldn’t eat his own blood then. now i take it all back. hahaha…….

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