New Warner Bros Logo Is Blue Shield Coat of Arms

January 30, 2021

Isn’t this really just the abbreviation for BLACK WOMBMAN backwards and then when you slip it upside down it’s the abbreviation for BLACK MAN backwards?!?!?! We are the primary target for all of their brainwashing because we have the original DNA they want for themselves or at least to keep it asleep so we can keep them in power under the central banking black magick scam. Understand that logos spells sigils backwards. The alphabet and English are just programming languages and symbols to influence your subconscious mind. We are always at spiritual war with these beasts 24/7/365….a war for your mind.

They changed the color to bright blue because that is the color of the mind/intellect and the throat chakra called vishudda. Funny is how most people are NOT thinking at all when they watch this stuff. Blue is normally the color of hope and also sometimes sadness as in people playing blues music. In other words it’s about emotion and whenever the Jewish media can make you emotional it stifles the intellectual and logical aspect of your mind. This is all that the Jewish media does. Emotion over logic through programming your mind.

Great coat of arms of Rothschild family.svg

Notice it’s on a shield as well just like a coat of arms in heraldry. We are still under a feudal system folks…..plain and simple. This is why you can never own anything. Britain and the Vatican own it all even when you pay it off because they still tax you and you cannot buy anything with debt notes. Paper money is legal tender but it is NOT money. This is probably a nod to the Rothschild family as well. Their coat of arms is below and their name means RED SHIELD. Red is the color of violence and instinct and we know these parasites are all about war and trying to survive on our planet. Of course there are plenty of logos aka sigils that are putting craziness in our minds. Below are just a few of the main ones. Ase.

Expressions from The Melanin Man

Created by "Liberate Me! Enterprises"

Blak Rant

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