That Look When………

February 4, 2021

Your homeboy is dating a pink female and he said she was fine but then when you met her in person………DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF?!?!?! I thought that was yo girlfriend’s grandma!!!!!!!


  1. 🤣 😂 I needed to laugh today, again. I have been dealing with some unscrupulous contractors for the last couple of days. I call myself hiring one of us, but then he brought in filthy polish guy. Reluctantly, I paid them, then they tried to up the price and left me in a bind with unfinished work. Then they lost the check. Then I found the check and shredded it, hired another brother and paid a fair price. What kind of mercury retrograde is this?

    • hahaha….thats wild sis. my mom was getting a sun patio on her house and she had to cancel and find somebody else too. she tries to get brothers but you know how we do sometimes…unprofessional as hell. haha….that just means we ready to get the fuck outta not stay and own this 3d hellogram again.

      retrograde fucked up my car and timing belt went out. $600+. im.like damn car be fine when ballin. haha…now i gotta pay off credit crap i dont even owe cuz its all roman fraud bullshit. we are close to the end of this madness. i know you can feel it too. another superbowl ritual on sunday….ugh…..ase!!!!

    • is it still snowing there? there is an arctic blast coming this weekend so snow will turn to ice. i hate that shit. it was 50 all week and we mad as hell in florida. haha….ase!!!

      • I would be good with 50. But I would be happy with 80 degrees. It is 10 degrees here now and snowing again. Asé

  2. i know you gonna move when you retire!!! i’m hoping pretty soon we won’t need these bullshit roman tithing/taxing JOBS to send melanin energy to the Vatican. damn can’t the parasite tell we sick of it and it needs to find a new host?!?!?! this beast ain’t going nowhere. we gotta kill it!! ASE!!!!!!1

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