Super Bowl LV Ritual Prediction

February 5, 2021


  1. Now the KC assistant coach (Britt Reid, also the head coach’s son) is drunk driving and a child is in a coma? Is this some type of sacrifice? They are really cooking these spells. I won’t watch any of it either. WTH? AseĀ“

    • hmmm britt must be britain and reid must be read or red for rothschild or blood which would be sacrifice as in bloody the way brit brutes talk. britt could be brat too. haha….brits are in the red bcuz us corpse-oration is dead so they have to steal energy from mahomes interracial link to keep matriz ma tricks alive. mahomes is ma + homes. cancer is the sign of home and the mother or ma and the moon or mind. they may be sacrificing a pink skin in capricorn authority so that it might override the original but diluted dna of mahomes. dude in love with a dead skank just like his daddy. should be a reality tv shoe. we know all manimal hybrida are parasites so all you have to ask yourself ia where is the melanin energy going based on their dumb ass rituals. watet is melanin and you are very watery in your chart. the melanated female is always key to everything. ase.

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