It’s Still Happening Even When It’s Not Being Reported!!!

February 6, 2021


  1. They lie so much. Fukushima is still dumping radio active water in the Pacific too. It is really time for them to go so the planet can heal. Asé

  2. they say they don’t lie some of the time. they lie all the time. haha…..even when they think they are telling the truth they are still lying. mix our dna with animals and you get something that cannot tell the truth. they can’t help it. nature is doing its thang though and they scared, confused and desperate as hell popping pills and chasing with shots. haha…… the elite know what is happening but “blacks” and “whites” keep calling on jesus which sends melanin energy to the pinkazoids. smh….the “whites” are just order followers of the jews so that tells you who the real enemy is. whites are just clones in the matrix. they don’t even really exist outside of 5 sense false reality. the avatar of the devil parasite is that goddamn jew. you know it. i know it and many others are seeing it now too!!! to know who you enemy is ask yourself who you cannot criticize. THE GODDAMN JEW. they are avatars of the parasitic djinn loser all fuckhead sucking off of us because it likes melanin energy and using that fake fiat shit to send energy back to it. it’s dying out but not fast enough. i’m working on a spell to kill all gangsta rappers. i hope it works. ase.

  3. It believe the spell is working! And I will back it with energy too! Ase

  4. i stormed like hell this morning down here in tampa and it never does that!!!! and on the day of the super BOWEL!!!! also the moon went into capricorn into the nakshatra called mula which means complete and total destruction. some shit is going down today!!!! ASE!!!!!!

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