Mortgage is French for DEAD PLEDGE

February 6, 2021

The American dream is a nightmare. You are a tenant in your house just like a renter. You never own the house or the land. If you did you would not have to pay property tax on it every year. How can you pay a bill at a restaurant with dollar bills?!?!? You can’t pay a bill with more bills. It’s all debt and debt is death. We are in the Matrix. Everything is a lie. They make sure you remain in DEAD status as “black” people and then they rape and rob you blind until you die.

ROME MUST DIE!!!!!!!!!

ROME MUST DIE!!!!!!!!!

One comment

  1. We deserve the right to their own land and space. It can be done. With no mortgage as well. We should be able to set this up in a fair manner once they are gone. And they are going. Asé

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