Why Jews Force Everyone To Use Autotune

February 6, 2021

You can thank this asshole for fucking up melanated music forever.

Dr. Harold (Andy) Hildebrand creator of Autotune and CEO of Antares Tech.


Notice his initials are HH as in heil hitler and the 3rd reich. We’re in the 4th reich now.

Notice Lady Gaga (who is really a tranny and no damn lady at all) sang at the fake inauguration. What does gaga add up to? g=7 and a=1 gaga = 7+1/7+1 = 88= hh heil hitler again. I used to go to a bar called hammered harrys. HH again. hulk hogan. hh again. Are you seeing it now? It’s all around you. This dude’s company used to be called Jupiter but he changed it to Antares which is the red supergiant star in the constellation of Scorpio that supposedly rivals Mars that rules Aries the god of war. They are always at war against us and we don’t see it. They just want to be like us as much as possible using tech. They cannot come to our level so they want to drag us down to theirs. Anything the Jews do will be impersonating us in some way just like they pretend to be the chosen ones.

The stupid plugin is supposed to be for pitch correction only to fix a note here or there that came out wrong so you don’t have to do the entire track all over again. Now it’s being used to pretend that pink skins actually have talent. These effects remove the healing effect that real music had in the past. When you listen to it it will eventually destroy your damn brain. They want to keep you here in the Matrix under the robotic control of AI forever. Of course they will fail. Ase.

And of course Jay-Z had to pretend he is against using. He never sings anything or even raps. He just talks.

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