Why They Chose The Weeknd For the Pepsi Halftime Show

February 6, 2021

Abel Makkonen Tesfaye is the Weeknd and this is his birth chart. It’s very similar to the current transits with more Capricorn than Aquarius so they want to magnify those energies but under their control. They want that Old World Order of Capricorn to stay in place by subduing the Aquarian energies. His parents are Ethiopian immigrants in other words KUSHITE NUBIANS!!!!!!!!! He has no idea he’s being used but that’s the price you pay for playing their games to be rich and famous.

Also Pepsi is the sponsor and their logo is obvious as hell referring to “black” people as dead people because black means legally dead and we refuse to stop using that term of death. Soda is pure salt and sugar which dehydrates you and shuts down the kidneys which produce your kundalini energy. Then they diagnose you with diabetes and put you in insulin. Your hormones are all screwed up so you get sick and die early just the way they want.

Processed sugar and crack cocaine are similar in chemical structure…….ON PURPOSE OF COURSE!!!! Coca Cola used to have actual cocaine in it!!!! See the connection?!?!?!?!

Weeknd is just a reference to weekend or weakened. The terminology is all part of the slave codes. They are trying to put us back to slavery sleep folks and it’s right in your faces. ASE!!!!!

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