Comical…….Just Comical…….

February 7, 2021

And of course CBS with the all seeing eye of Heru. I guess pretty soon males are gonna trade their dicks in for vaginas and vice versa for females. If it was entertaining I would watch it….but it’s not. It’s the movie version of the WNBA…..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…………………and she ain’t no queen except maybe a drag queen. Nobody real would allow Hollywood Jews to use them like this. Same with politics. Anybody at the federal level has already been compromised so there is nothing to discuss except the ignorance of the idiots who don’t know. Ase.


  1. I missed this post as well. This is just some ridiculous crap. So are they saying that we should use our super powers to help them? Hell no!

    • queen labeefa…it looks so unrealistic. most females hate the shit too. nobody wanted to see the white female ghostbusters. hell they already look like ghosts and just as dead!!! hahaha….ase!!!

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