Pre-Super Bowel Sacrifice Ritual !!!

February 7, 2021

Britt aka Great Britain Reid just sacrificed himself with a DUI by injuring two children. He represents Heru who the parasites do not want to be born. Andy symbolizes Osiris. They want to keep Osiris in power because the battle between Set and Osiris will continue but HERU is going to be born whether they like it or not. Our DNA is already changing to transcend this hollowgram, hellogram, shallowgram hologram of bended light which is nothing but matter aka Mater the mother. Of course they worship money and matter which is indirectly the melanated wombman. We all know they worship the original wombman in private!!!!!!!! This is why they give her good jobs, degrees, etc now because they want her distracted from being a mother to being a materialist like them. They need her power to fuel the Matrix…..Ma Tricks.

Britt is also a Taurus the bull which is all about money and luxury which is what drives the parasites by stealing energy from melanated God beings falsely called blacks. Britt is a life path 11 Freemasonic Master Intuitive. They use these people to carry out their nefarious plans. Pinky loves dem drugs and Andy Reid must be a terrible father. He already lost one son to opioid overdose and now this again. Smh……all part of the ritual. Bringing up the past to symbolize our past coming up again….in other words trying to keep us labeled as black and African American under Vatican slavery via the birth certificate and trading us on the stock market to fuel their riches and enterprises. It ain’t gonna work this time pinkazoid stinkazoids!!!!!!!!



And of course it had to be a 5 year old to symbolize the Pentagram!!!!!!! Ariel is a Hebrew name that means Lion of God!!!!! NO ACCIDENTS OR COINCIDENCES!!!!!! There was probably no accident or crash at all. It’s all 100% contrived by the goddamn Jewish media. They even set up a Gofundme for this supposedly injured girl. They will steal all of the money as another part of the ritual. If she really is hurt then that’s too bad but these are the lengths the parasite elite will go to in their desperation to remain in power.

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