Schumann Ain’t Lettin’ Up!!!!!

February 7, 2021

Until they either return our land, get the fuck back to Europe or die!!!! We all know they already have chosen the latter. They chose death because they ARE death…..walking, talking, eating, shitting death!!!!! Storms ripped through Tampa early this morning. That never happens here. That was Mother Nature warning us of what is about to happen!!!! Also the Moon will enter Capricorn right at 6:30pm EST when the Super Bowel begins. Don’t pay it any attention. Give your attention to the Divine. The Moon is the true Mother. Capricorn is the goat that Brady is symbolizing but it’s really the complete man which is the melanated man. He possesses the truth authority…..not a bunch of pedophiles and cannibals in Rome at the Vatican and elsewhere. To make it even more powerful the Moon will be in the nakshatra (constellation in Vedic astrology) of Mula. Mula gets to the roots and destroys things by pulling up the roots and completely exposing the bullshit. This ain’t no coincidence!!!!!!!

Bring on their deaths!!!!!!!!!!!!! We live forever!!!!!!!

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