We Are NO Longer In The 3rd Dimension!!!!

February 8, 2021

So you should start seeing unconscious people disappear from your life/reality quickly because they are not at the proper frequency. They cannot be part of the 4th or 5th dimension when they are eating pork, pimping bitches and listening to gangsta rap. Say goodbye to most, if not all, of your family. They’re not coming with you. I’m thankful.

Also most of the weapons used by the police and military are going to stop functioning soon if not already. If you have a gun test it to see for yourself. If it doesn’t fire that tells you the oxygen content may already be lowering where the primer cannot ignite. Pink skins have already developed weapons that don’t require oxygen to fire and regular civilians won’t be allowed to have any of them of course.

We don’t need to breathe oxygen. That’s another “white” lie from the pink skins. Remember when they speak they’re only talking about themselves….NEVER US!!!! WE ARE DIFFERENT!!!! THEY NEED OXYGEN!!!! WE CAN BREATE ALMOST ANY DAMN THING AFTER A BRIEF ADJUSTMENT PEROID OF THE MELANIN. IF YOU CAN’T BEAT ‘EM THEN ASPHYXIATE THEM!!!!!!! THEY KNOW THEY GOT IT COMING!!!!!!!


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  1. I don’t know how I missed this post the other day, Asé. I know I will be happy when the planet warms up for good.

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