Watch “In Living Color: The Dating Game With Wanda” on YouTube

February 13, 2021


  1. This was so funny back then, but now it’s reality and sad. A lot of times you can’t discern if someone is a male or a female. It’s a shame that a lot of black females are so overly made up that you can’t tell the difference. For example, Wendy Williams looks just like Wanda to me – too much contoured make up, eyelashes too long, hair too blonde and too fake, breast implants too crazy looking. Whenever I see wendy, I think it’s a man 🤷🏽‍♀️ that is trying to look like a woman.

  2. sis you know wanda wendy a damn tranny!!! haha…..listen to your intuition. it’s the only thing that never lies 🙂 well…and me of course. did you have a nice valentines? don’t get me started. haha….ase!!!!!

  3. oh i don’t know if you ever saw this but you can tell a devil or a demon got ahold of her ass. that’s what the camera does. that’s part of their contract but she couldn’t handle it this time for some reason…probably because that’s tranny statue of liberty from france was just like her ass!!!! hahaha………

    and of course it’s always fun to watch oprah/harpo bust her fat stupid boule ass. haha……

    and one more for illuminait for beyonce…haha…..

    this is all telling them that they are falling spiritually down to the level of the pinkazoid but most don’t see that. ase!!!!!

  4. I forgot all about that wendy fall! That was very telling. Asé

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