FEMA Camp Scare Was A FEAR Ritual

February 15, 2021

Do you really think the Universe would allow pink skins to start rounding up native melanated people en masse and throwing us in gulags like the Jews pretend happened to them under Hitler? WE HAVE TO BELIEVE IN OUR POWER. WHEN YOU ARE CONSCIOUS YOU ARE PROTECTED!!!!!! Now those hood ass gangsta wannabee pimp, loser, thugs and drug dealers are all going to die because they are not living righteous. I could care less. It’s not just DNA and eumelanin that determine a people. It’s also behavior. Those who purposely destroy their own people for fiat fake money are not my people regardless of what they look like. They are just the brown version of the pink and yellow skins. ASE!!!!!!!!

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  1. I second that motion! Ase brother ✊🏿

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