Judas and the Black Messiah

February 16, 2021

What a dumb ass idea to make this jewvie. I guess they ran out of slave jewviews. Understand that the mind control rituals will never stop until these people are all eradicated or we transcend this dimension. The Black Panther Party will always be loved by true revolutionary melanated minds despite any flaws they may have had. They always want to besmirch every damn thing we do so that we only see the negative and internalize that and that alone. And of course they had to tie all into Christianity and the fictitious Jesus fuck. It didn’t even deserve this short ass paragraph. If people can’t see through things this obvious then I don’t even want to know them. Ase.


  1. My religious aunt sent me a group text to watch this movie, saying that she liked the lead actors. I know that anything that she likes, I should not like it. I grew up living across the street from the black police officer that shot and killed Hampton. The other neighbors say that he was torturing people in the basement. This is not a movie that I want to see. So I just ignored my aunt’s text.

    These joos always want to take us back to slavery or times when we are being executed. Well I want to go back to times before they were created on this planet. Times when we could teleport anywhere, levitate and make anything we could imagine. Times when we didn’t have parasites draining our energy and we were able to use our energy for anything we wanted. Ase´

  2. hahaha…….das my girl (really wombman)!!! yeah it’s hard being awake around zombies all day. i avoid them like the fake covid plague. haha……. the kybalion is 7 laws from djehuty and they tell you how to rule the entire universe but there is one problem……maat……balance. the hybrids always create imbalance from their separation from source which has to be balanced by their self-destruction. it never fails. we are the ones who made the rules!!!! hahaha….. time seems slow but it’s not slow or fast. it is just our perception of events unfolding in sequence since we cannot experience them simultaneously. it’s almost over…….my mind is overloading from all the aquarian energy. this shit will make you crazy so i’m lighting candles, taking spirit baths, etc. we need our powers back and right fucking now!!!!! i’m always working on it!!!! ase!!!

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