Jesus is Money!!!!!

February 23, 2021


  1. The black church is mostly black women. I have a theory that black women get cut off from the creator when they alter or lose their antennae (i.e., hair). Whenever I see a black woman with weave, sew-in, extensions, or relaxed hair, then I know they are not connected to the source. Black women have severed the connection to the source. Black women go to church looking for that connection and they will never find it. The body of original man and woman functions as a system with the antennae, pineal, melanin, etc

    Black men usually accept their antennae hair for the most part and are able to connect to the source whenever they want to. Black men just need to be able to slow down and meditate in order to make that connection. That is why this society is so hard on the original man.
    They don’t want them to be able to make the connection with the source. Most black men seem to know to stay away from the church. And when black men do go to church, they do it for other reasons, not so much to worship jesus.


    • i agree 100% sis. the black female has been so traumatized over time that her coping mechanism are on 24/7 so she looks for security in some jesus bullshit bcuz they brainwashed to love and respect the pink punk skins. hair is very important like you said. thats why the jews made chris rock make that “good hair” documentary. we have real hair and they have fur and we gonna trade hair for fur???? same with money, really fiat, and melanin. we go get fake melanin every day when we have the real thing…at least energetically speaking. our melanin cost 1000s of dollars now for just one ounce of whatever they are stealing from corpses and kidnapped melanoids. parasitism is their big business but nothing more than pretending to be us through mind control from birth….and even before sometimes.

      and of course brothers go to church to get pussy!!! haha….you already know. they know those women are vulnerable and single so itsnlike they bring da club to da church. may as well…shit…aint neither one of ’em holy for shit!!! ASE!!!!

  2. I wanted to say the reason why our men go to church, but it’s much better coming from you! ha ha ha! Asé

    • i never found nothing at church but hoes and my dad was the damn preacher. haha…. they leave the club and go straight to church. its all such a meat market joke. may as well just hit the strip club!!!! ase.

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