Christianity is a Cult…….period…….

February 24, 2021


  1. This is a terrible cult too. Mostly because they don’t realize it’s a cult and they feel like it’s acceptable behavior to try to recruit you. My family knows that I don’t participate in that crap but they always trying to recruit me. I keep saying that I don’t participate and that proselyting is not welcome. They say they will pray for me and I just want to say fxck you. And one day I will get fed up and say it. I applaud you for telling your family. Asé

  2. ROFL!!!! that’s pretty much how it goes. of course if they were rich i might have kept my mouth shut but they all broke ass niggas who can’t do nothing for themselves and sure as hell nothing for me. i didn’t have shit to lose but rather gain. my mom says she prays for me and i keep telling her to stop because that shit fucks me up. i’m still out of work after 2 years because of her goddamn prayers. after all this time and praying and she’s broke and in a wheelchair and still calling that shit a blessing just like all my broke ass relatives. they got lowered expectations!!!!!! ASE!!!!!!

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