Their Societies Always Collapse……

February 24, 2021

And it never takes more than a few hundred years.

Kemet and Kush lasted tens of thousands of years. Peep that difference!!!!!!!



  1. Even the federal reserve froze today. It’s all going down. Asé

  2. i just heard about that about an hour ago. it could be another ritual. yesterday was 2/23 or 322 backwards and they did a ritual on tiger woods…..the cablasian….hahaha…….i think it’s all collapsing though starting from the roots in rome. they’re not even from this goddamn planet. they need to take their beast devil asses to another planet. they just helped dumb ass crackas by giving them gunpowder to take us over so they could suck melanin energy out of us for all eternity. well eternity is over!!!!!!!! ASE!!!!!!!

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