Racism is the Fox and the Grapes

February 25, 2021

Pink skins don’t hate us. They hate themselves and project it onto us because they can’t deal with their self-hatred without committing suicide. They know we are more talented at everything because of our eumelanin. We are better at sex. We are better at music. They can’t even make real music because they don’t have the cosmic connection through their lame ass pheomelanin. We outperform them in every walk of life….even when dealing with their projected self-hatred most of the time. They also have calcified pineal glands and animal DNA. And most of us think these hybrid manimals are fit to run the planet?!?!?!…….well yeah run it into the ground just like they have done. It’s all melanation hateration. The fox or hybrids want what you have….the melanin and DNA or the grapes. They can’t reach them because their DNA is fucked up beyond all recognition. They are trapped in the lower three chakras unable to reach the heart chakra. They were bred to be slaves and that’s all they are ever going to be while they continue to rapidly die out faster and faster. There were about 600 million worldwide and I believe it’s down to about 500 million now. They will never report accurate figures themselves so don’t even look for it. Ase.

Expressions from The Melanin Man

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Blak Rant

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